Cool Things You Should Know About Metallurgical Coal

Coal holds a very significant value in people’s everyday life. By compacting and hardening plant remains, coal is produced. And with coal, people can produce energy, fuel, steel, and many more. There are two types of coal namely Steam coal and Metallurgical coal. Steam coal or thermal coal is commonly used for energy production or power generation.

Metallurgical coal, on the other hand, is used for steel production. It has low ash, phosphorus, and sulphur content. Professionals at use high-quality metallurgical coal needed for today’s modern industrial needs. This post will shed more light on metallurgical coal and its uses.

It’s also known as “Coking Coal”

Metallurgical coal is also popularly known as “coking coal” because it is a high-level grade of coal used to, well, produce coke. When coal is heated and the air escapes, the coal will then undergo a transformation to a plastic state then later will solidify to form coke. Ash from the coal should be kept up to 10% only of the original mass. This is because ash leaves nonflammable materials and lowers the temperature needed for heating.

Metallurgical coal, because of its finer quality than ordinary coals, has become more difficult to procure and expensive. Fortunately for businesses involved in metallurgical industry, there is one brand in Australia that focuses on producing the finest metallurgical coal: Kestrel Coal.

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It’s an important ingredient in steelmaking

Steel manufacturing is embedded in every aspect of society: infrastructure, health care, agricultural, and transportation. To produce steel, two components are needed to be present. One is iron ore, which should be converted using carbon. The ultimate source of this carbon is coke or metallurgical coal, making it the second most important component in steelmaking.

The market demand for steel is immensely connected with the demand for coke. An average of 650 kilograms of coke is needed to produce one metric ton of steel.

Steel production is highly dependent on the raw materials used. So make sure to invest in a company like, for instance, that assures the quality of iron and coking coal in their steelmaking process.

Australia is one of the top 5 countries in coal production

80% of the total coal production worldwide comes from top-producing coal countries. These countries are deemed as “coal giants” because of the volume of coal they can put in the market. Here are the top five list in order based on coal production recorded annually:

  1. China – supplies 47.4% of coal worldwide, producing 3.7 million tonnes of coal.
  2. United States – contributes 9.4% of the total coal production worldwide with 740 million tonnes of coal.
  3. India – tied with the United States with a 9.4% contribution to the worldwide coal market. Made 734 million tonnes of coal.
  4. Indonesia – producing an average of 512 million tonnes of coal annually, Indonesia makes up 6.5% of the total coal production globally.
  5. Australia – produces an average of 489 million tonnes of coal or 6.3% of total world coal production, making them sit comfortably on the fifth spot of the world’s coal giants.

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