Mitsubishi Evolution: The Car That Made Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi has deep roots in the world of racing. The Japanese car company has dominated multiple sectors of Motorsport, with the most relevant being in rally racing. Up until now, the brand displays resilience and the racing pedigree in its current models. Aussie markets for Mitsubishi demo cars for sale Brisbane dealers offer demonstrate its strength today. Whether you’re gunning for a brand new vehicle or an older model, you can find one in the market with ease thanks to Japanese reliability, reasonable prices, and effortless maintenance.

Among the line of models, the Lancer Evolution is a name that made its mark in both rally and circuit racing scenes. The car was originally intended only for the Japanese market, but demand in multiple countries urged the manufacturer to extend its reach. Among the several countries that received the coveted is Australia, which first received the line in its fourth form, the Evolution IV. The market still has plenty to offer if you’re looking for an Evolution Lancer for sale Brisbane market has these days.

The gentleman’s agreement

To date, there have been ten versions of the Evolution. The most distinct characteristic of these models is the turbocharged inline-four engines that Mitsubishi continued to develop until the Evolution IX.

For Japanese-spec versions until the Evo IX, all engines were limited to 276 hp. This is because of a gentleman’s agreement in Japan which puts a cap on the power rating of cars manufactured locally. However, sources mention that Mitsubishi produced cars that exceed that number and undervaluing the power outputs to meet the agreement.

Some Japanese versions even reached an alleged output of 317 hp. Other versions released overseas, including Australia, saw official power outputs up to 440hp. You can find Mitsubishi demo cars for sale Brisbane has today with power ratings beyond the gentleman’s agreement limitation enforced in Japan.

The big brother

Introduced in 1997, the Pajero Evolution was an off-road vehicle designed to participate in the rally raids and dominate the Dakar Rally. The car was developed in answer to new entry parameters for the T3 class of the Paris Dakar Rally. It came with a 3.5 L V6 sporting the Mitsubishi Innovative Valve Timing Control and Electronic Lift Control (MIVEC). This is a new, dual plenum variable intake that increased the power of the engine. The MIVEC is partnered with a new independent suspension that features better ride qualities than standard Pajero models.

The Pajero Evolution spirit lives on in its successors. Its off-road capabilities partnered with reliability makes it a great daily driver. The Pajero for sale Brisbane dealers offer is abundant. You are welcomed with a lucrative selection that fits different requirements and budgets. Check Brisbane City Mitsubishi for more details.

Furthermore, you’re not limited to standard Pajeros and Evolution Pajeros. There are several models that offer more creature comfort as well as looks such as the Pajero Sport. You can specify your search to the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport for sale Brisbane area for a look at some of the unique iterations of the model.

Saving a piece of history

Now is a great time to buy your own Lancer Evolution or any Mitsubishi car that carries roots from older competition cars. These cars are guaranteed to go up in prices as the future slowly turns away from combustion engines. Brisbane City Mitsubishi, one of Australia’s leading dealerships, offers a wide selection of Mitsubishi vehicles. Save a piece of Japanese car memorabilia, secure cars that are guaranteed to become neo-classics and head to the Mitsubishi demo cars for sale Brisbane market has these days and find a wide selection of models from one of the top car manufacturers of all time. For more information, visit