Opening a New Restaurant? Why You Should Have a Cold Storage Room

The cold storage room is where you store all your pre-chilled, frozen, and fresh products for the restaurant to prevent spoilage. This room is also the easiest and safest means of prolonging the lifespan of perishables before they are prepared. A cold room is significantly more chilled than your typical room temperature. Click here to read more about how it works.

Cold storage rooms are not only critical in the food industry, but they are also beneficial in the hospitality, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and other industries that require products stored at specific temperature ranges. Apart from food products, items like medication, cosmetics, and chemicals are stored in the rooms. If you are on the fence about investing in a cold storage room for your new restaurant, here are five benefits you should be considering.

Money savings

A cold room can save your establishment lots of money due to less food wastage. Restaurants and hotels make the freshest dishes and serve fresh vegetables and fruits thanks to cold rooms. Without the cold room, it is impossible to keep a huge amount of food flavourful and fresh until the ingredients are required for meal preparation.

Plenty of shape and feature options available

Technology is improving freezer rooms every day with the modern versions fitted with customisable features for different types of products. The rooms are also available in various shapes and sizes, so you can be sure there is one that is perfect for your restaurant requirements. Click here to read more about fully custom freezer rooms and coolrooms.

Perfect storage backup solution

The most preferred cold storage solution is the refrigerator, but having a cold storage room on your premises comes in handy when there is a problem with your electricity supply. A power outage is something you cannot avoid entirely, and purchasing a generator for a new restaurant can be expensive.

Furthermore, you must play a role in saving the environment from pollution. Installing a coolroom offers you an alternative for using electricity all the time to keep food items cold.

Adaptability to your requirements

An impressive benefit of the cold room is that they can be used for plenty of applications. For instance, a temperature control feature makes it easy to adjust the room’s temperature depending on the items you intend to store.

Also, outside temperatures do not affect the products inside the coolroom since they are designed airtight. What’s more, the cold room doors feature a long-lasting and high-quality build construction that keeps your food products safe as well.

More floor space

A cold room helps free up some space in the commercial kitchen while creating more refrigeration room. Some items are simply too big to store in a traditional fridge, so it makes sense to store them in the freezer room instead.

Bottom line

Having a cold room in your new restaurant is the best way of preserving your perishables. New Wave Panelling offers cold room solutions for food manufacturing businesses, storage facilities, cafes, and restaurants. Click here to read about their customised products and services and how to get started.